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Hello from your KC friends! We miss our intimate moments listening to your magical talent and expression with the guitar. Looking forward to the new release.
your music is fun, artistic and just full of sunshine.....love it! check out my boys 28north.com talk to you son, brother, Rick
Steve, looking forward to hearing you play, we will be back on island Dec 14 for a short trip, hope your playing then Best Glen
We are enjoying the three cd's we got at the Buccaneer the week of 4-11. was surprised to see you at Cheeseburgers, it's one of our favorite places to eat on the island. We'll be reutrning next February. Thanks Winston & Janet
sorry for my bad english! thank you for your music!!! :-) russia. astrackhan city. !!!
WOW!! Can't tell ya how much we miss sitting at Off The Wall and listening with teary eyes to El Viajero!! We have officially commandeered it as "our song". Or watching the sunset and hoping for that elusive green flash at SUNSET Grill. Love the new cuts! We'll get back there sometime or maybe a plane ticket will show up in the mail for a little command performance up here in the armpit of Texas. Maybe we can entice you to Costa Rica, our new getaway! Hoping all is well and luck & happiness!!!
Hope to see/hear you perform on island next week
Great web page. Looks great. See you soon. If you come to the northeast let me know.
Yes. I miss your live performances in the softblue cruzian nights....You touch the heart
I am looking forward to hearing you play. I will be in St. Croix on thursday and will be at the bucaneer to see and here you , looking forward to meeting you, keep jammin bro
What can I say, you're deffinately my fav guitar player, and I sure do miss seein and listening to you. Would love to share the stage with you, it was fun and memerable the time we did(chicken charlies)say hey to 007
Hi Steve~ LOVE this music, as I type on your website and what a pleasure to meet you~ thank you for sharing your family and passions with a total stranger~ Beth and Olin are wonderful, I just know it by your love for them and you are all so blessed to have one another! I am looking into the Sibelius program for Dad...we'll see. He still writes it all out by hand and enjoys it (like me!) All the best you you and your dear family! ~Sue
hope all is well Steve.lookin forward to blues in E.
Steve, I sent you an e-mail. I like your new website; it is better than the prior one. I hope to hear from you if you have the time. Take care, Doug
Steve, You may not remember me from Abq. but I played guitar around town, sat in with you once outdoors somewhere in alb. Anyway I'm here in LA and ran into Mikey at True Tone Music in Santa Monica. he told me you were playing flamenco now. It looks like your making guitars as well. Now that's a dream of mine. I'v e been all over the place since I last saw you but mostly in Vegas playing in a very good blues band at BB Kings at the Mirage. Take care. Tim Manion - tmanion007@gmail.com
Just listened to some old Strictly Taboo...brought back some great memories from Albuquerque in the early 90's. Good to see you are still around and making music.
Saw Hillary Friday May 21, 2010. She gave me your website and let us know how you were doing. Glad to hear that you are doing well, and doing what you love. Dorothy, Eleanor, and Paul
Great to see you again at both the Galleon and the Buccaneer. Loved the range of your music and looking forward to seeing you in STX or back in the states. Bruce & Lorraine
I like your music -I just down loaded Dwellings" - Going to stay at Kat Pierie's next winter. She old me about you ..I live in Santa Fe- she said you hang out there also .... ross
We enjoy your music. Thank you Have a good day.
Would love a guitar like you use on 500 years the CD of which I purchased online after considering buying a tiger myrtle classical guitar of George Pritchards which he was selling on e-bay. It was on his website I heard your 500 years album which deflected my thoughts from the guitar!!!!!
hi, steven not sure if you remember who i am but i played in st.croix a long time ago with fred chandler. i am currently playing in a new band called the arch. please chech us out .www.thearchband.com it's good to see that you are still kickin it in st.croix. best of luck pat walsh
how's our boy James doing on St. T? do you track all the parts?
Life is Good!
See you March 2nd!! March 3rd, Cheeseburgers?
Hi Steven! I guess I didn't have to sign up for the email list to do this...but it's done. How did you like the Jobim stuff? Our 2 weeks in STX coincided almost perfectly with some really really crappy weather up here. We got home and it warmed up again...to 37F! Good luck with Cheeseburgers, see you next year! Wally
Dear fatherling, I just wanted to say that I'm lovin' the new web sight (especially that amazing photo on the home page;) and that I still need copies of your last two cd's! I love and miss you! ~emma
STEVE!! Just saw a movie and heard Romanza. Miss listening to you on sundayz at the deep end. Hope youre well. Take care!
Don't have to first listen to want this CD Your "oldest Groupies" will be Over The Rainbow (wearing out 500 years) beginning of February. Looking forward to hearing & seeing you - live! Site looks great.
Great to hear from you. Here in New England we are beginning to dream of the caribean air and relishing the memories of your wonderful music atop the island of St. T. Take care. Sally
Nice to hear from you! We miss your musical talents and the island magic.(Lenny) Wishing you the warmest of Holidays and the continued success for the future.. Your Kansas City Blues connection. Best Regards, Mike and Paula
missin' you babe....and your music...
thinkin of ya and looking forward to seeing you in January. Missin my soulful friend!
You must be the same Steven Katz that used to live in NM! My favorite guitarist.
Whether it's listening at The Buc, some of our other favorite places, or at home, it's a pleasure hearing what you do with those strings. You know we enjoy Saluding your skills You've become part of what we look forward to when we come to STX. Thank you for always taking us Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
Nice choice on picking a beautiful place to live and play. Beautiful pics, great sounds. Pam says hello.
Kathleen says "Hello" and blows you a kiss.
Very Good Site
Steve: We heard you over the holidays - love your artistry - and were hoping to see you in the States at some point. How does your travel schedule look? If not here sooner, we're to be in C'sted in early August and hope to see you then. BTW, Mariana's cousin, Frank, is the head chef at the Galleon. Best, Howard
I assume you may remember me, I used to work at The Galleon in STX, I had an Israeli girlfriend the second time around. drop a line sometime, I opened a restaurant in Roatan and am looking to do the same in Guatemala. Chef Mike
Best Site Good Work
havent heard you stuff lately, would like to. [ DOORMAN at DUFFYS] Restore cars at my farm in nebraska now, early classics,glad your doing well... scott allen. [hilary didnt remember me] cracked me up. good luck [ know alot of pros here[musicians] ever get up this way say hi .
This stuff is great. I'm really impressed. Your newer work is very different and creative. It definitely recreates the atmosphere of the carrib. I also really like the bluesy cd that you recommended. Spend the $10 wisely.
Steve- Like the web-site and keep on playin'. Hope you remember the old days in New Mexico. The Sunsets are good in the desert as well as the Caribbean, huh. Keep on enjoying them.
Love your music! Keep on rockin'!
Each October for the last two years we have spent a lovely evening listening and dancing to this wonderful music after the coral reef swim at the buccaneer. We hope to continue for many years and we keep this music on at home to remind us of how life should be lived. See him when you can...
Just bought a couple of your albums. They are excellent. We can't wait to see you on St. T. in April. Chuck B. has never led us astray before.
It was great hearing you again this evening at Brew Pub. Thanks for the info on the website. I'll be downloading the other music as soon as I'm back on island. Happy New Year and keep the music coming!!!
i cannot tell you how much joy and love you bring to the world. you and your music keeps my world turning. and i love your latest philosophy on music. i'll see you in argentina, baby.
Finally found you on the net from all these years ago! Used to worship STRICTLY TABOO in Albuquerqe(the loud guys up front!) Miss ya!
Hi Steve, It was wonderful to see you and hear you again this summer. My wife and I and the kids love your music. We play your CD (el viajero) often. It reminds us of St. Croix. We all look forward to our next trip to St. Croix !!! We'll track you down and look forward to hearing you !!! p.s. When we went through customs on the way home, the customs agent commented that there is a guitar player down here w/ the last name of Katz....He had been at a wedding that you performed at, and we spent the next 10 minutes talking about you. Hope all is well and we'll see you sometime in the near future. Be well !!! David Katz
love your music...let's do lunch!!!!
great grooves! www.roundtownsound.com
Hey. We're coming to StX again in mid-Nov for 3 weeks (no beach wedding this time). Hopefully you will be there. I'll have my travel guitar and may visit your luthier friend for a setup. I made my own CD! No competition for your virtuosity but it was kinda fun. One of the songs is "Little Martha." Best, Bruce and Cissy
On our first day on St. Croix, me and my husband accidentally "landed" at the Full Moon beach bar for what turned out to be a delicious brunch. And as if the exotic environment of a beach bar in the tropics wasn't already wonderfully "intoxicating", you were playing life that morning. The first thing I told my husband was: "this guy is amazing!; there are a lot of guitarists with good technique out there, but it is extremely rare to find someone who besides great technique adds so much emotion to the sound". You brought that magic touch to our first St. Croix experience. Truly unforgettable!
Steve, We really miss your smiles and your musical gift.. We are enjoying Kansas City,lots of good music, but none as energizing as yours!!!! When are you going to be in our area? We would love to share you with our friends... Check out KKFI.ORG, it's a real great public radio station that covers all kinds of musics without commercials...We might get you some air time!!!!!!! Oh,I still remember Lenny that night at The Gallion!!! Thanks for being so kind when we visited.. Much Appreciation, Mike & Paula
Hey-Janna sent me the site; very cool dude. Looking and sounding great as always. Must be rough living in the tropics. Take care, Meg
Hey there, love the sight. Was telling my husband about ST, you and the kiddos recently, thought I'd look you up on the net. Hope you're well - Janna (aka Dia to Dylan)
STEVEN - You truly make St. Croix an absolute paradise! I can't get enough of your music! I make certain that whenever any of my friends come to the Island, that you're one of the St. Croix Landmarks to see AND hear! Your Flamenco Jazz and your Classical pieces are so inspirational! Your contributions to Shades of Blue, also, displays the range of your incredible talents! Congratulations on your new CD!!Fantastic website!!
Me gusta El Viajera, I have not heard that gitar in 30 years but those unmistakeable sweet notes were instantly recognizable- eric
Hey Steve, I really like your site! Was just missing the "rock" while I've been out in Alaska.
Very nice web site! I'm looking forward to listening to your classical CD. See you at Cane Bay!
Steve your too funny! What would my Cane Bay Sunday morning be without you. You brighten my day and remind me what "its" all about. Serenity!!!!!! Thanks to you and hour music. Holly
Funny funny times...
your site rocks! and so does your music...really great stuff. i can't wait for the new cd to come out!


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